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I was given a large box of plastic teacups with saucers.  I’ve made a few fun projects with them when someone suggested I paint the insides.  I painted a bunch using nail polish but I didn’t have a project in mind.  So the cups sat waiting.

Since I am working on my UFOs, the teacups were relocated into a to-do box.  Still no idea until I saw a magazine advertisement.  The magazine featured an article on making organizers from teacups.  I didn’t have access to the article but the promotional picture was more than enough.  They had stacks of teacups on saucers and each cup held items like paper clips.

I could do that with my teacups since I had a bunch that needed to find a purpose.  I cleaned all my teacups and then glued them to saucers using e-6000 glue.

There weren’t quite enough that were painted for everything I wanted to try to store in them but they were a perfect number for most of my button collection.


I glued a button to the saucer using tacky glue so I could remove it later.  The teacups stack and on the very top will be a saucer to keep dust out of the collection.  I did find that stacking 3 high worked well but I really want to get 4 but when I did that on the carpet, they all fell over.  I’m not anxious to clean up my entire button collection.  So far, stacked 3 high on my shelf is working.  I haven’t covered them with the final saucer because I wasn’t sure I was done.  I forgot to take a final picture but I’ll get that in for my month review post.

My buttons were in baby food jars which were fairly secure but I really like this idea better.  For one, the lids don’t stick and, 2, I can dig in the buttons without having to dump them all out.