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The second project we picked was supposed to be a fun way to use up scrap paper.  It was fun, it just didn’t use up the paper like I had hoped.  We may continue with this one because it is fun.  Our original plan was to turn these into magnets but this group inspired me to make something else.

Quick instructions – we took used canning lids and glued paper to them.  The one with the doily and the Christmas lids are ones I made while the other my husband made from a rose I cut out and rejected.  In my defense, it was almost bedtime and I was running out of steam.


I flipped the one Rob made to show you that I removed the lid so you don’t have to use canning lids for any part of this.


They were so cute, I turned them into cards.


This one is not glued down, yet, because I lost my piece of string.  I thought this would be cute with a little string connecting the two lids since the image had a rein that I removed.


The final card.  I love this one and not just because I made it.  I really like the color and the doily.  The metal lip of the canning lid adds a rather nice accent.

My husband really went to town and made several using scraps in hodge podge ways.  It was closer to my original imaging of this project.  I love that they become accents and we’ll have making more.  And it is a great way to use up some of the scraps.  As the scraps get smaller and smaller, I envision these will become more abstract and fun.