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As part of our new year, I put together a bucket of activities to serve as date events.  These are meant to be family dates but, since our son is 19 and has a life of his own, they are more activities that my husband and I do together.

We’ve been lucky enough to have week 1 and 2 be an activity and a trip (we’ve drawn 2 slips just because we could).  Last week, our activity was to learn a new craft.  I’ve had my eye on two crafty projects that I had hoped to do with my niece and nephew during Thanksgiving.  I have to say while the one I plan on sharing with you tomorrow would have been a success, this one was more difficult than it looked.


The concept is easy, getting the folds right requires a lot of practice.  Because we weren’t sure of this one (my only example was a picture circulating around pinterest), we cut several circles out of plain copy paper for practicing.  These are 3 inch circles.  I would not go smaller.


Tear your circle in half.  I found that the easiest way to get half a circle was to fold it, making a very tight crease, and then tearing it.


To make your tree, determine your base and make your first fold.  Now trying to explain this is not going to be easy so please refer to the pictures.  You want the back side of this to look like a triangle.  If you flip your paper over at this point, you will get an idea of the size and shape of your final tree.  Make a hard crease when you have it the way you want it.


Folding away from the edge and at an angle, make the next layer of your tree.




If your remaining paper at this point is large enough, you can make one more fold.


Trim the excess.  I had decided that there was not enough paper for my last fold to make me happy so I trimmed at the previous fold.


Once you feel like your trees are coming out the way you want, move to fancier paper.  The picture circulating the internet used book paper.  We used scrapbook paper and added pastel to the white side.


Use your trees as embellishments for scrapbook pages, cards, whatever.  I did add a little glue between the folds because this is a card and I didn’t want the trees catching on the envelope as the card is removed.

For the curious, our second date activity was a trip to the Humane Society.  Our son joined us as we spent about an hour in the cat building on a very snowy day.  This week our activities are Play with Paint and Visit the Library.  We visit the library nearly every week but this Saturday the plan is to linger and spend time exploring all the places we rush through.