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Cloud-shaped UFO

I love the name UFO Sisterhood – it sounds so mysterious and a little insane which suits me perfectly.  The UFO Sisterhood was created by Mary Jane Butters as part of her Farmgirl Sisterhood.  And I may or may not have altered it in my head.

A UFO is an UnFinished Object or a project that you have not completed.  The idea is to create a group of women (anyone really) to support each other to finish the projects or to call it quits and pass them along.  Either way, it’s an opportunity to cross something off your to-do list that is collecting dust.

What is interesting is that since I have decided to make this one of my major goals this year, I have seen lots of programs, articles, and whatnot on unfinished projects.  And projects just seem to keep coming out of the woodwork in my home and my life.  I can’t believe how many things I have left unfinished.  Some are just silly little craft experiments but many of them are projects I rushed out to get the materials and then did nothing.

I haven’t talked to my “sister” but she was sure she didn’t have many projects.  I wonder how many are starting to appear now that she is thinking about them.  I find it’s quite annoying because I thought this would be a manageable event to get some things finished in my house.  Turns out I not only have old projects to worry about but I have to make sure not to create any new UFOs or there will be full out invasion in my home.

These don’t even include my writing and reading projects (can’t begin to look at those).  But it’s good.  I finished a number of projects over the holiday and it was nice to watch the box I had put them in get emptier and emptier.

Before the month is out, I will be sharing Finishing School by Cary Tennis and Danelle Morton.  While the book focuses on writing projects, I’m sure their tips will easily translate to other projects.

What UFO’s are in your home?  Any tips on how to manage them?