Welcome 2017 Fireworks


A new year with new challenges.  Today it feels impossible but I know that it won’t always feel that way.  I started Sunday with The Artist’s Way.  Tonight my husband and I are hoping to start The Love Dare.  Our goal is to set a new path for this year.

I’ve been thinking about what is 2017 really about for me.  I think it’s about reclaiming control.  It’s about taking hold of my time and using it well instead of letting it slip away.  I’m terrible when it comes to wasting time and I’m tired of it.  I want to grab hold of this life and live every moment I can.

I joke that I’ve been trying to watch everything in my Netflix list so I have no choice but to go out and live.  While the weather is not ideal, I’m setting up my home.  We’re spring cleaning and re-organizing the space.  The idea is to unload that which is really just taking up space, plan to use that which just needs to be used, and enjoy what remains.

At forty-something, my plan is to learn what I have really wanted to learn, expand my horizons and challenge myself.  I don’t have to wait for life to come to me anymore.  I, definitely, don’t have to keep waiting for someone to do it with me.  Or to try to find an excuse to do something.  I’ve announced to my family that they are welcome to participate but I’m doing it anyway.  I hope I can stick to that.

The one thing I have realized is that I have to schedule the time.  No more saying “gee it would be nice to go window shopping downtown”, I pulled out the calendar and announced to the family that I am going at 11 am Saturday morning and they are welcome to join me.  We’re going to designate a meeting time and place so no one feels like they have to do anything or hang around while waiting for everyone to finish whatever they are doing.  It’s already made a difference.  After I announced the plans, my son asked his friend if she wanted to join us and even gave her the itinerary (which is fairly loose).

It’s a great feeling to know that I am off on the right foot.  I can’t control everything but I can control what I do and how I react to this life.  I’m really excited for 2017 and I believe it’s going to be a successful year.