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I have been so busy this week that I completely forgot to post yesterday.  It’s okay.  Things are winding down for 2016 and I am looking on to 2017.

I wanted to share a few projects I am working on now to prepare for the next year.

The first is what I am going to refer to as the family date jar.  No jar yet but I cut out dozens of slips of paper and wrote many activities on them.  These activities ranged from play board games to go to a specific park to bake cookies.

Continuing from 2016 is our family bucketlist.  We are working to add things we missed and new things we have discovered (but not done).

Then I am doing 2 personal projects.

The first is a reading list.  I am challenging myself to explore outside of myself in 2017 and have collected a short list of books such as I Am Malala and Good Girls Revolt so I can explore the lives of others.

In addition to that, I have created a “merit badge” list.  While my list started out as a series of merit badges, they’ve become a list of “challenges” under specific topics.  I was going to write more about that but I’m running out of time today.  I will share in January once I have the project set-up completed.  I’ll even share my list in a pdf if you want to follow along (as well as instructions to make one that is catered to just you).

2017 is the year I want to accomplish a lot of things but nothing so dramatic that it can be seen by others.  I don’t have goals like lose weight or get a new job, they are more like learn how to change my own oil and figure out how our political system is really put together.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!  If Christmas is not your holiday – well may your season still be Merry and Bright.