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It’s easy to get the winter blues.  This year it seems like the blues are even bluer.  Here in the Palouse, we have slushy yucky snow (not even the nice pretty snow – just mushy wet snow that compacts right into ice), grey skies, and lots and lots of cold.  It’s the kind of weather that settles into your marrow and you wonder if you will ever survive to see the sun again.    Add to that all the negative energy coming from the television and internet and I wonder how I’m going to survive and helps those around me survive.

Step in Adam J. Kurtz.  His book Pick Me Up is a fun, activity oriented, amusement in paperback.  It’s quirky and only $10 on Amazon.  You can’t fail.  It’s great for fighting the winter blahs or for that last minute Christmas gift.  I can see this book being a great way to pass cold nights for one and for all.  I’m thinking you can easily turn it into group activities.

The best part – it requires tapping into that creative energy that may be a little low due to the season.

Get it from Amazon here:   

Need a pick me up, now: check out this buzzfeed article about the book.

Visit Adam’s website for more information.