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Kim has been a delightful friend for years.  I love her perspective on life and she never fails to entertain.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered she makes awesome jewelry.  As someone who has weird sensitivities, I love that she uses a unique metal but I will let her explain:

I started making jewelry almost 20 years ago when I couldn’t find things I liked. Plus, I wanted to control the materials that went into my jewelry because I have allergies to metals. At first I did the more traditional bead and stone work jewlery (which I still do and enjoy making and wearing and there are pics of this work on my Facebook page), but I had become interested in making chainmaille, and a friend asked if I could make a bracelet out of a sheet of chainmaille I had crafted. From that point I started taking the weaves I had learned and turning them into jewelry pieces.

I work mainly with bright aluminum because it looks similar to silver but is more cost effective and doesn’t flare up my allergies. But I am also a fan of copper and bronze. I do work with silver and gold, but only as special requests as those pieces can get pricey. I add Swarovski crystals when I want to add some special dazzle to the piece.

Here are some pics of my work…I’ve included the prices for these pieces, but for other items, prices vary. But for the most part, earrings are $15, bracelets run $30 and necklaces $50. If silver or gold is requested that would be a special price.

Rope bracelet with Swarovski crystals – $35 bracelet; $55 necklace
Euro 4-n-1 cuff bracelet – $30
Japanese 12-n-2 bracelet – $40 bracelet; $65 necklace
Byzantine bracelet – $30 bracelet, $50 necklace
Mobius Ring Bracelet – Bracelet $35; Necklace $55
Byzantine Necklace (14k gold fill) $325 (at the time).
Find more of her creations and purchase them on her facebook page.