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I wanted to share these because they are so cute.  Our theme/challenge for the month was to create an ugly sweater for Christmas.  This is a sample of mine.

I used the photo paper technique I shared earlier this month.  Then using graphite (remember the old pencil tracing technique), I traced a sweater clip art to the back of my paper and made some really cute sweaters.

I stamped on with some small Christmas themed stamps.  I had two fun stamps that were wider than the body of my sweaters.  I wanted them to look real so I used a couple of sticky notes to mask the sleeves of my sweaters.  The end result was just wonderful.


To be honest, the hardest part was figuring out what paper to use to back my sweaters.  I went with a two layer background – a fun snowflake pattern with a solid green to break up the two patterns.

Oh, I should note that my sweaters looked a little lifeless when I tried to attach them so I used the markers to create some ribbing along the top and bottom of each sweater.  The effect was great.

You can’t see that my sleeves are loose.  I purposely didn’t attach them down to keep the sweater from looking like a big blob.