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While this seems like a strange picture for the month, it’s actually one I took this month.  I was going to share the daisies but the picture was a little blurry.  It’s the strangest thing – all the flowers and trees are in bloom on my walk from my car to my office.  It’s been really cold again this week and we’ve even gotten some white stuff.  Yet, the flowers are just as happy as can be.  The lawn is the most gorgeous shade of emerald.  This is not a really green grass sort of area either.  We’re essentially a prairie so grass struggles to stay green outside of spring.  By this time of year it’s patches of green and brown but mostly just lifeless blah.

The month of November has been a strange ride.  I’m not going to talk politics but the election threw the world for a loop.  Regardless of who you voted for, it seems the result was just a lot of negative energy.  Great people in my life, people who are normally loving, compassionate, became angry and hateful.  Many announced that if you voted for the president-elect then they no longer wished to be their friend.  No taking time to understand the whys or to listen to their friends – they were so angry and fearful that they no longer wanted to associate with people they now saw as the enemy.

It broke my heart.  I played Devil’s Advocate and tried to get people to listen to some reason but they would have none of it.  Their minds were made up which made me even more sad because I knew these were wonderful loving people.  I had strangers make comments that sounded like they were accusing me of terrible things.  I never got anyone to come right out and say what they were thinking.  I never told anyone who I voted for.  The reason – it is no one’s business.  I voted for who I thought was the best candidate.  I voted for someone who was not going to win but I still voted with my heart.  I did that with every candidate on the ballot because I know that it is important to follow all elected leaders.  To make your voice be heard.

Once that was over, I wanted to let it go.  I wanted to find gratitude and holiday spirit.  Still looking for those.  I will say that the month of November made me grateful that I have a wonderful relationship with my faith.  My faith – not my church or any doctrine (just want to make that clear).  I know that it is my faith that makes this all bearable.  It will carry me through all the darkness which it seems there will be plenty of in the coming months.

Meanwhile, I am re-evaluating my life.  I am not unhappy but as I mentioned last week, I’ve become complacent.  I am not taking care of myself or my family in the way I really want to.  I’m wasting time on unimportant things.  I forget what brings the light into my life.  So, over the next month you will probably hear about what I have discovered and decided.  I’m picking at things, as I do, but I am so hopeful.  2016 may not have been the year I wanted it to be but I have no regrets.  I have one more month of wonder to fill my days.  I have a month that I will strive to be a light in the world.  A month of joy, music and delight.  A month of love, compassion and charity.  A month with my family and friends.  When 2016 ends, I want to bid it farewell with a heart filled with happy memories and so much hope for 2017.