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So I took some great time off for the holiday.  Then I got hurt and was laid up for two days just in time for my busiest week of the month.  I have no time to come up with ideas or projects.

Thankfully, I missed blogging this one.

This is a cute and simple project.  I ended up using hot glue but you can use any glue (probably a tacky glue would work better over school glue).  This is an easy one for kids as well.


For each ornament you will need 4 popsicle/craft sticks, a piece of ribbon, and decorations.  I opted for buttons.

Glue the sticks into a snowflake – bottom two make a cross and then the remaining two are an X over them.  Let dry.  (If you are working with small children, you can make these ahead of time and let them decorate them.)

Attach ribbon to the back to make a loop and then decorate.  Simple, easy and inexpensive.  Decorate with what you have.