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This is another craft great for entertaining children during the Thanksgiving holiday.  This does require a bit more set up but I came up with a way to make it easier and less messy.  It all starts with glitter paper.  I found packs of 3 at the dollar store.  They are really thin, feels like wrapping paper, but it didn’t tear as easily as it felt it should.


For each snowman, you need 2 cds, a piece of ribbon, buttons, a chenille stem, and the parts.  I cut out several earmuffs and scarves out of the colored paper so there were lots of choices.  Then prepped the cds – using a hot glue gun, glue the cds together shiny side out (make sure to include the ribbon to make a hanger.  Now because hot glue is kind of thick, I found that sealing the outside edge with more glue and smoothing it with a knife made for a better looking and stronger ornament.


I saved the white/silver paper in the packets (I bought 2 sets and each came with a white page).  To reduce the hassle of painting the cds, I cut out circles to cover the cds.  As you can see, I was not able to cut out complete circles for every cd.  This is not a problem because I positioned it where the scarf will go.  However, if you have picky children you may wish to have this one for yourself.


Attach the parts using basic glue (we used Tacky glue).  Decorate with chenille stem and buttons.  Easy Peasy and these are so incredibly cute that, if you can talk the kids into making several, will make great gifts.