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It’s a terrible name and an even worse picture but this was one of the tastiest dishes I have made in a long time.  I was so glad to have come up with the idea.

So this is one of those concept posts and really an opportunity to help you think outside of the box.

I have taken to making a huge (and I mean huge) pot of gravy on the weekends.  Usually it’s for breakfast on Saturday to have with biscuits then we have rice or noodles later.  This past weekend it was chicken gravy (just a basic white gravy with some chicken bouillon).  It’s probably time for a good tutorial on making gravy again.  I know I have shared several in the past like this for stroganoff or this bacon gravy which has pictures.    A basic gravy is so versatile.

Anyway, I had plenty left over.  So I took 4 pieces of boneless skinless chicken (any type of chicken will do), chopped some roasted chilies over it and added the gravy.  Since I wasn’t sure it was enough, I added a little homemade mushroom soup mix.

Baked that at 350 for about 45 minutes (just until the chicken was done).  The end result was not only a really tasty dinner but an opportunity to clean out the refrigerator just a little.  More perfect since we had leftover rice.

If you want to make something at home but don’t have what I have in the fridge, easy – 1-2 cans diced chilies, chicken, 2 cans cream of chicken soup.  I realized I haven’t shared our instant mushroom soup mix.  I think it hadn’t been perfected.  I’ll get that out soon.

Simple recipes don’t have to all come from the store nor do they have to feel like you are not getting a decent meal.  I get that times are hard but we have to remember that food shouldn’t stress us out.  It should provide nourishment and comfort.  I hope this helps you find some peace at the dinner table.