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Almost twenty years ago, I got the coolest Indian Cooking Set.  Most of it is long gone but I managed to save a few recipes.  This is one.

While it’s called flat bread, it’s more like a tortilla.  The recipe I am sharing is the exact recipe from that set but over the years I have learned some things about making them.

The first is – fry it in butter.  Skip the dry frying and then brushing them with butter.  The frying in the butter gives you that rich butter flavor and it’s all melted.  No worries about the “bread” cooling before you butter.

The second (and this is a big one) – this recipe goes so much better if you have a partner.  One person rolls out the bread into “tortillas” while the other fries them.  The dough is very elastic and a bit sticky.  No matter how much you work it, the dough will shrink back to the size it wants to be and if the dough touches another piece of dough it just sticks like crazy.  Save yourself some heartache and get a partner.  If not, take the time to roll each one before frying.

Here’s a few other tips – use a tortilla press if you have one.  Makes light the work.

These are only good right after they are made.  They become tough and nasty later on so don’t make more than one batch at a time.  You can make lots of dough and refrigerate it but only fry what you think you can eat.  My family of 3 big eaters can wipe out a single batch without a problem but they aren’t clamoring for more because they are really filling.

Don’t feel like you have to make these for just Indian food.  These are great as tortillas and wonderful for scooping up sauces.

Indian Flat Bread
2 cups flour
3/4 – 1 cup warm water
Put flour in bowl and stir in warm water. Work into a soft dough, adding more water as necessary. Knead 8 minutes. Form into ball, rest in oiled bowl for 30 minutes. Knead briefly. Divide into 10-12 balls, keeping covered as you roll into tortilla-like rounds (6 inch rounds). Fry over med-high heat. Brush with butter.