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Isn’t that a wild picture?  I took it this morning.  That is the perfect anecdote for the past month.  The weather has been so bizarre that nature doesn’t know if it’s fall or spring.  We have had record rainfall – not just for an October but forever.  There has never been a month that has had more rainfall than this past October.  I feel like we need to invest in life preservers.

Because of the gloomy weather, it’s been a rough month.  Hard to feel acclimated when the sky is a constant grey.  But I have made it and feel like a human being again.

It’s been a fun month of cooking experiments.  I’ve shared most of them and should be sharing more.  I will say that we’ve tried everything with that darned vanilla pudding mix and can’t seem to get a solid pudding out of it.  Oh well, the chocolate pudding mix is amazing and we are happy.  Can’t wait to pick up some more organic cornstarch and see if we can get the texture to be a little more like what we want.

We’ve been apple picking.  I have so much applesauce that I don’t think we’ll need some for years.  And I’ll be sharing lots of applesauce experiments as the months go on.  We love our food storage but it does us no good if it just sits there.

Speaking of food storage, I pulled out a bunch of beans over the weekend and canned them.  I’m thinking I should do a tutorial on canning beans.  I find that when I go to can them, I have a hard time finding the instructions.  Putting things up here helps me as much as it shares the information.  This blog has become my own personal search engine.

Not much on the art side – just not feeling it.  But today marks the start of Nano so I’m hoping to get back to some serious(ish) writing.  I wrote a great short story for submission and it wasn’t selected.  As promised, I will be sharing it here.  Just got to figure out the how.  It’s too long to share as one post and I’m not sure I want to give up a whole row of posts for it.  Maybe I’ll bring back Writing Wednesday for a few weeks to share.

Well that’s that.  I have managed to play away most of my day so I need to buckle down and work on my Nano allotment.