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Okay, have I complained about the weather yet?  Yes?  You don’t want to hear about it?  Really?  I feel like I need to buy a really large boat and some really good rain boots.  You might say that’s what I get for living in Washington but I live on the East side.  The side that barely gets any rain.  We have hot sunny days while the other side of the mountains are gloomy and rainy.  Except for the month of October this year.

I’m dying.  I told my husband, this morning, that I must be part plant because I am wilting from the lack of sun.  I am so freaking tired (and I am not alone in this, everyone I know seems to have the rain blues).  So I have nothing to share today.  Okay, I might have something but my brain doesn’t want to work.  I want to go back to bed and it’s almost dinner time.  Instead, enjoy this video I found on Youtube.  The scroll across the bottom is really funny (or at least is to my really tired brain).