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Today’s post is brief since there just doesn’t seem to be much I can say on making these cute little things.  Not even sure what to call them.  This is just an idea and like all good ideas, needs to be shared.


My first exposure to this idea was for making a card.  The original artist used a treble stamp to make the start of the musical line.  I was going to hand draw it and then decided it was unnecessary.  Now these are just examples for playing so there are some errors that I would not have allowed to remain if these were for a project.

Above I created a grid and then added my notes.  I would recommend picking your buttons first and then creating the grid because I had to crowd my first few notes.


I found this envelop and realized this could be a cute way to accent paper for cards or art.  I removed all the flaps so this was just a flat piece.  The musical notes went all around the envelope so I took the notes from the back side and recreated them here in buttons.  I think I made some errors (aside from the obvious random black line) but unless I am sending this to a serious musician, no one should know (right?).  I loved the look and can’t wait to plan a full project around the idea.