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I said I would recreate the ink experiments in paint.  The goal was to figure out how to marbelize and create a brayered background.  I had pulled out the gelli plate for the ink so I kept it to use with the paint.  I used thin crafters paint.


I think these are some of my favorite backgrounds.  I started to work and realized I hadn’t cleaned the ink off the gelli plate.  So these are from a really wet plate with a mix of ink and paint.


I have a wooden brayer, Tim Holtz uses a rubber one.  It makes a difference but using paint and the gelli plate, I was able to get some fun effects.  This is a combination of trying to brayer the paint onto the paper and using the gelli plate to create a brayered effect.


Tim Holtz technique of marbling was not working for me.  I had a few like this that were just streaky.


These were more successful since I scraped the paint with a palette knife.  It was then I realized that I have marbelized with paint before.  I’m not sure I have shared the technique but all you have to do is drip paint onto the paper and drag the excess off with a palette knife.  If I haven’t shared, I’ll try to do a better tutorial.


This was my favorite part – I took a large piece of paper and used it to clean off my gelli plate.

This leaves me thinking I am going to skip a bunch of the tag challenges because the techniques are just not working out for me.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.