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September is at it’s end.  Today, I finished my story and submitted it so that is over.  I feel like today is a good day to say goodbye to.  Tomorrow is not only a new day but a new month with new challenges.

To be honest, October has always been my favorite month.  It’s my birth month and it’s Halloween – you can’t get a better combination.  It’s a month of horror movies and the only real fall we get here in the Palouse.  September is a teeter totter between summer and fall, November is winter.  October is all we have for pumpkin patches, apple cider and ghost stories.

It’s October Unprocessed and this year, I feel like I have real control over what we eat.  Well, we’ll see.  Halloween candies often get us in the end.

So here’s kissing September goodbye and a bit HELLO to October.