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I am so behind.  It’s terrible.  But I am working on catching up on projects.  This past weekend, I created my Tim Holtz inspired June Tag.


I started with two tags – one cut from white cardstock and one from an old manilla folder.  Actually, that’s not true.  It all started with a stencil.  Since the background was to be plaid, I thought I’d make my own stencil.  All I needed was something that created a series of lines.  I use a piece of plastic (an old blank transfer) and an exact-o knife to cut out strips.

Then I did a little experimenting.  The stencil works great.  You can easily make one – even out of cardstock.  I, originally, had planned to use ink or paint but went with soft pastels in red and blue.  The result was slightly fuzzy and not as bold.  When it was all done, I was surprised to see how much the plaid looked like flannel.

I created the plaid on the manilla tag.  To the white tag, I mod podged on a piece of pattern paper.  We have a local thrift store that uses patterns to wrap fragile items so I have a little stash.

I don’t have die cuts and thought about cutting out an image with my knife.  But I went with circles.  I felt like I could always change my mind and make a new one.

I stitched around the tags with my sewing machine.  This is a technique that scares me more than any other but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

The tag was a little boring so I punched a couple hearts out of the circles.  Then I noticed that the center circles were a little floppy so I glued the circle with the missing heart to the center.

In the end, I love it.  I wasn’t sure how I felt as I was making the tag but once finished, I was happy with it.  It’s all about making art and challenging myself.  Doesn’t hurt if it comes out looking good.