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I completely forgot yesterday.  I was at the end of a project and completely spaced.  So what do I do?  Do I apologize or pretend that it never happened?  Ah, I’m all about being real.  I forgot sometimes.  The weirdest things too – like to brush my teeth because someone interrupted my bathroom time.  Thankfully, that one happens quite rarely – maybe less than once a year.  In the meantime, there was plenty to keep you busy.  I hope you found some music to start your week.  I am completely obsessed with 21 Pilots, Melanie Martinez, and Alice Cooper lately.  It’s just about all I listen to.  Though I do have to throw in some Elle King and The Pierces to balance things out (oh and some Halsey).  Not sure if that’s really a balance.

Anyway, I was going to share this with you last week but I wasn’t exactly happy with how my recipe turned out.  I wanted to try a few tweaks and I did.  It’s much better now.  I’m not sure it will be a family favorite, though.

You see, I like the idea of monkeybread but I’ve never had it before.  I think about making it but I hate canned biscuits.  Why buy something I hate to make something that I may hate even more so?  But that doesn’t explain my obsession with the idea of it.  So when this recipe came up in my email, I thought ‘that’s it, I am going to try a completely homemade version of this recipe.’


Sorry for the mediocre pictures.  It’s only going to get gloomier in my neck of the woods and there is a serious lack of light in our apartment.

This recipe is simple, time consuming but you can’t have everything.  It tastes good but it’s heavy.  I know that’s a terrible sell but it’s true.  It’s not going to be an heirloom recipe in our house.  I’m thinking we’ll try it next with bread dough but it’s getting to be one of those recipes that may not be worth.  However, I want to share because you might love it.


I started with cutting up all of our good apples.  They were not going to be good for much longer so I opted to turn the whole bunch into apple pie filling.  This is super good so take the time to make this part.  It’s about 6 cups of coarsely chopped apples.  I went with a mix of apples.  About a third of the apples are saucing apples which means they turn right in to mush when you cook them.  I, purposely, added them because they make the saucy part.  To that, I added 14 oz of rock hard brown sugar (almost a pound).  I weighed it because there was no way to measure that sugar.  I just used what was left in the bag.  It was a perfect amount – just sweet enough.  You can use a full pound if you like.
Then I added Saigon cinnamon (tastes like red hots), nutmeg, ginger, and allspice.  It’s what I like in my apple desserts.  You can add what you like.  Do it all to taste.


While that was cooking down, I made up a double batch of biscuit dough (I’ll share the recipe at the end of this post).


The trick here is to get the dough just barely mixed together, then dump onto a floured surface.  Last time, I didn’t do this part and my rolls were huge and doughy.  Not as great as you would think.


A batch of dough makes 12 biscuits so I divided my double batch into 24.  I barely rolled them into balls just so I could see if they were close to being evenly divided.


Then comes assembly – add about 2 ladles full of apple filling to your bundt pan.


Without working the dough too much, press into flat disks.  Add a spoonful of cream cheese.  This is homemade cream cheese.  If you use store bought, you can cut up your cream cheese into cubes.  Pinch the ends closed so they are well sealed.


Layer half into the bundt pan.  Top with more apple filling and repeat.


Finish with the apple filling.  Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  Because we were watching tv, I opted to turn off the oven at 45 minutes and then left the monkeybread sit for another 15 minutes in the warm oven.


Let rest for 5 minutes and then invert onto a plate.  Serve warm.

It tastes like you would expect – biscuits filled with cream cheese covered in apple pie filling.  The texture is good but I’m just not sure I get it.  Personally, I think biscuits need gravy so maybe I’ll stuff the next batch with cheese and cover it in bacon gravy.  Hmm, wonder what my family will think of that?

1 2/3 cup self-rising flour
4 tbs. butter
2/3 cup milk
Cut butter into flour until resembles cornmeal. Mix in milk. Drop onto baking sheet and bake at 425 for 10 minutes. Can roll out and cut into shapes.

Self-rising Flour – 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder to 1 cup flour