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Week three of a three week (21 days) “challenge”.  I had a blast.  At first, it was a little difficult getting into the groove but now that I am at the end, I’m thinking I need to find the next one.  I like the idea of daily painting prompts.  I will admit that while I completed this in 21 days, I did not paint ever day.  I missed most weekends (especially labor day weekend) but I enjoyed the days when I had more than one prompt.  It worked out perfectly for me.

I liked that the prompts were odd and rather non-specific.  I think if they were more specific, I would have given up.  This week was mostly elements.  While that did start in the second week, I thought these prompts were a little more complex which allowed me to stretch my work just a little bit.


Day 15 – Fire


Day 16 – Water.  I wanted to point out the color on top of the water – that’s white watercolor.  I had never tried anything like this before and I loved the result.  That little bit of color added more flow to the water.  Overall, I am impressed since I didn’t use an image or anything.  I just painted until it felt right.


Day 17 – Earth


Day 18 – Metal.  Just the day before I had this prompt, the Frugal Crafter did a tutorial on creating metal objects using markers and colored pencils.  I loved the idea so I applied it here using watercolor and colored pencils.  The pencils added a shimmer that gave life to the very flat watercolor.


Day 19 – Wood.  I went back to that technique I experimented with before.  This time it’s all watercolor instead of watercolor and pen.  I did try to make a knothole and messed it up but since this is all about connecting with the work not the finished result, I didn’t care.  I didn’t crumple it up and toss it.  I still love the texture and the result.  Being that this is one cheap cardstock instead of watercolor paper – the ability to fix mistakes is non-existent, that’s good too because I can get over it.


Day 20 – Ether.  This was a weird one because what does ether look like?  I went with trying to make it otherwordly with sort of a ghosty feel.  I was going to pull up a tutorial that I found on youtube but decided to just feel the paint instead.  While I still want to experiment with that tutorial – I had the freedom to just play here.


Day 21 – Final.  There wasn’t really a prompt here so I painted what I wanted.  I actually really like this one.  It’s out of proportion but I like that too.  I like that it has a child-like feel.  It’s simple and fun.

So there you have it.  Did you try any of the prompts?  I’m thinking I’ll find some other prompts and then come back to these.  It’s a lot of fun and I like pulling out the watercolors.  I don’t do anything fancy and I am not using “perfect” supplies.  I have two palettes of cheap watercolor that I am slowly replacing with better student grade paint and one water brush.  I like that it forces me to learn how to do things differently.  I don’t have a brush for every stroke like I usually do when I work with paint.  I have to stretch my ability.

I love these little postcards.  I may have to make some when I run out.