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Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get lots of fun experiments done so I have things to share.  As it stands, this is the last of what I have to share.  These are more random than my last post but the ideas are still as fun.


I like this idea but it doesn’t translate well in this example.  What you see is a series of torn squares of scrapbook paper layered on a piece of cardstock I painted with blue watercolor.  The idea is that you layer something else on top such as a sentiment or piece of stamping.  Not sure what to do with this one but I wanted to store it away nonetheless.


This is one of my favorites – cut out the sides of a paper doily to make a lacy summer dress.  Attach ribbon – I will say that my ribbon was not prepared and I glued down the dress first not realizing that I should have tucked the ribbon in first.  Oh well – that’s the joy of samples.  I layered a fun piece of scrap paper between my cardstock and my doily so that there was a little more “pop” to the dress.  I think a darker background would work better but, in the end, it depends on your project.


Shapes cut out from magazines.  I like the artsy look but I didn’t exactly love either of these samples.


Washi tape Christmas tree.  I didn’t plan it perfectly because there was not enough room for the star on top.  I, also, couldn’t find my stash except for the one I seem to like the least.  However, this is just a sample and what a good way to put it to use.


Washi tape candles.


I will admit that washi tape is not my favorite supply.  This technique, though, made me want to try some more.  Layer your tape onto wax paper (overlapping each layer) and cut into desired shape.  Peel from the wax paper and attach to cardstock.  So many possibilities.


This last one I wanted to share because it was a complete failure.  I’ve been seeing projects that use tissue paper and water to dye paper.  I’ve, also, read that most products are now bleed proof.  Since I was experimenting, I thought I’d pull out some dyed papers and see.  The one on the top was tissue paper.  I got a faint impression from the red tissue paper I used but nothing else bleed.  The bottom papers are crepe streamers which left a light strip of color.  I would be more likely to use this technique just for fun.  It’s a real waste of crepe paper if I just throw it away wet.  Now if dried and saved for other projects, I won’t mind so much.

I, also, tried colored napkins.  No bleed at all, not even from the red.  Personally, I am not going to go on a search to find tissue paper that will bleed for projects like this.  It’s not an interesting enough technique to go to the trouble.  I’m sure I can get a similar result with other supplies.