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This past week’s painting projects were definitely different than the week before.  The prompts were a little easier and I wasn’t inspired to paint more than one card.  However, I think they pushed me further than the week before.  I even painted a cupcake because I could.


Day eight – OM.


Day nine – Strength of Heart


Day ten – Lotus.  This one made me laugh because I really had no idea what a lotus looked like but I refused to look it up.  This was not about creating a painting, just painting.  My husband said it looked like a flower on a plantain.  While it’s not gallery worthy, it brings me joy because I created it.


Day eleven – Mother Earth.  Again, it was not about creating a picture.  This one was about impression and creating color.  I don’t have a brown in the palette I am using (though I did sneak a little brown in from my liquid watercolors for another project).  The goal here was to create the colors that I felt represented the earth and not worry about the “perfection”.


Day twelve – triple spiral.


Day thirteen – Sun.


Day fourteen – Air.


While I had my paints out, I followed the Frugalcrafter as she made a cupcake.  It’s not too bad.  I had some issues because I am using cheap ink jet card stock but  I think it challenged me.

In the end, I love the work I am doing.  I’m playing with the paint and each day I become more adventurous.  Tomorrow, I want to share with you the sample cards I made.  While doing these meditations, I’ve been creating little samples to help inspire me for future projects.