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Best laid plans of Mice and Men – or in this case of well intentioned aunts.  When I was asked to review this book, I had the best idea.  I was going to send the book to my niece and ask her to review the book for me.  She’s 5 and spends Christmas break in Brazil most years.  Could you ask for a better reviewer?  Well, this aunt never got around to sending the book to her.  So, you have to live with my opinion.

The book is quite entertaining.  It’s over the top and highly improbable but I think that’s one thing I love about it.  The story is about Purrball, a cat, who has arrived at the airport in Brazil just as an earthquake hits.  He has nothing but his wits and Mom’s cell phone.  The clever cat finds a sloth who is willing to help him send a text to the family so that they can come rescue poor Purrball.

As I said, it’s clever.  Just goes to show that we are all becoming quite adept with today’s technology.

As for the book, itself, the pictures are vibrant.  I love lots of color in picture books.  It’s beautifully done.  I love the cat’s expressions.

To be honest, I am excited to hear what my niece has to say about this book because I think it’s a great book.  How many books out there showcase the sloth?  That’s one of my favorite animals.  They are way too cute to be ignored.

One advantage kids these days have is that the fun continues online.  Purrball and Burrball have their own website.  There you can find information on future books as well as download puzzles and coloring sheets.  Stop by Cool Links to find more fun places featuring sloths as well as a couple featuring cats and kittens.  You really can’t go wrong.

(Click here to get your own copy.)