I’ve said, repeatedly, that one thing I hate about annual goals is that you can’t predict what changes will come your way.  While life threw some minor curve balls, we felt that this summer would still be manageable.  That was not true.  The weather was so bizarre this summer that it never really felt like it had begun.  By mid-August we were heavily into early fall weather.

Our garden was pretty much a failure.  We’ve decided that we will not garden next year.  That is something we are going to put off until we have a home with a yard.  While I love the communal gardens, they are just not working for us.  The expense was not too terrible this year but the money would have been better spent on food storage instead of the garden.

Along with that, foraging has been weirdly hit and miss this summer.  We still have apples and elderberries which I believe will be successful but the majority of our produce is over.  Not to fret, we are just shifting our focus to more fall based food supplies and are hoping for the best.  We have a huge food storage that still feels inadequate but the plan is to figure out how to use it so it doesn’t get wasted.

As for the rest of my life, I feel stuck but that’s only temporary.  The changes at work have limited what I have felt comfortable doing and the weather has been a drain.  However, I will just pick up the pieces and move forward.  I’m hoping this weekend will help refresh me and get me going.