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I signed up for one of those free online seminar things that seem to be so popular lately.  It was on creative inspiration and wasn’t at all like I thought it would be.  I don’t know what I was thinking but it was very hippy spiritual which is not a problem but wasn’t what I needed.  I couldn’t get into the lectures but I did sign up for a 21 day Painting Meditation.  Again, I signed up without a clue as to what it was but 21 days of painting can’t be bad.  To be honest, I’m loving it no matter how weird it gets.

The concept is that you are given a prompt daily for 21 days and you have to create something under that prompt – no thinking just doing.  It’s not about creating a something but letting the activity give you a moment when you are just one with the act of painting.


So I got out my supplies.  I have my postcard “book” that I made, water brushes, and a tin of watercolor.  This is cheap watercolor so there is no pressure.  I hadn’t played with this palette much and I’m finding there are things I really like about working with these supplies.  The paper is just plain cardstock so it’s not as watercolor friendly but I like that because I don’t have to worry about my paint smearing as much (it does lift just a little).

Week one is all colors.


Day one was red.  This was the hardest because I had no idea what I was doing.  It’s awkward and I felt like I needed a plan and yet wanted to give up the plan.  In the end, I had fun.


Day two – orange.  This was a little more fun but I found that I had no idea what to do with orange.

I should note that for this week, I made 2 paintings for each prompt.  It’s because my paper was so small and it was so much fun.


Day three – yellow.  I drew everything in yellow but it was a little difficult to see my yellow on yellow so I snuck in some other colors for fun.  There are no rules!


Day four – green.  This is where I just started to really let go and have fun.  I realized that this was a great opportunity to explore the paints and see what I can do with them.  There was no pressure to create anything and yet, things came out of the paint.


Day five – blue.  I thought clouds would be fun and working in negative space.  I painted around my clouds as well as my bunny.


Day six – Indigo.  I loved the flower.  The jellyfish came completely by accident – I had nothing in mind when I drew a few squiggly lines.  Next thing I knew, I had jellyfish.  I loved that I could challenge myself to make it look like my initial strokes were intentional.  I had a lot of fun.


Day seven – Magenta. I was watching a video on watercoloring when I was inspired to follow along.  That’s where the watermelon came in.  No stress there and it was still fun.  After seven days of playing, I started to feel comfortable with the paint which is what I desperately needed.  I needed to let go of all that pressure and just put brush to paper.  That’s what I did for the second picture – it was just a series of lines that I purposely didn’t make into a something and I think it’s one of my favorites.

Week two gets into some weird symbolism but it just makes for a more fun challenge.