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I’ve gotten back into reviewing books.  Seems like every time I say I am done, I get sucked back in because there are so many good books out there.  I wanted to share this book here instead of at goodreads (even though I will have a smaller review there).  Big reason is that I plan on sharing some of the ideas from this book.  Some of the projects have inspired me to create other projects so it’s not going to be exact shares for all the project ideas I want to share.  Nor am I going to share the entire book.  There are nine projects that I have become obsessed with – some are unique to this book, some are not.

Anyway, let’s talk about the book.  This is geared towards young women (junior/senior high school).  The crafts are on the simple side, designed to be done in an afternoon.  I love the idea of this book – a get together to craft.  There are tips for supplies and even snacks so that you can make a party out of.

Craft “parties” are something I do with my girlfriends.  We’ve have a few variations and they have all been fun.  I will say that planning the first one is tricky because it’s new.  This book helps take away that pressure – it gives great planning ideas.

I don’t want to talk too much about this book because it’s really one you have to experience.  I like the craft ideas but not all of them suit a woman of my age, however, if you have a crafty daughter (crafts are very much geared towards the feminine) this is the book you must pick up.

(Click on the picture above to go to the Amazon site, I may someday actually earn some money from those links.)