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Last month, at a party, I had cinnamon sugar chex mix.  It was so good, I wish I could have gotten the recipe.  The internet came to my rescue and the box of rice chex I was hording was to be no more.

One box chex cereal made 2 batches of the cinnamon sugar chex and one of the almond coconut chex (found it while searching for the other).

I’m glad it made 2 batches because I had a case of unable to follow directions.

Let’s start with the Cinnamon Sugar chex.  I love that it’s microwaveable, actually both recipes were so quick to make that I wasn’t sure what to do with all the extra time I had. (Okay, I was binge watching something on Netflix so we know exactly what I was doing with the time.  Now I just wish I could remember what it was I was watching.)

I did make one change that I am going to stick with.  I melted the butter in the bowl first and then measured in my 4 cups of cereal.  I prefer not to have too many dishes.  The other thing is that I always keep a big container of cinnamon sugar in my pantry because, you know, it’s necessary.

My first batch, I had a little mis-reading and added the cinnamon sugar right after the butter before microwaving.  I thought it was better that way at first but the next day the cereal was super chewy.

The second batch has a lot of excess cinnamon sugar but it seems to hold up better as time goes on.


On to Almond Coconut Chex, I did a better job of following the directions except I didn’t have all the ingredients.  I went with 8 cups of rice chex since it was the only cereal I had.  Then I added the almonds and about 1 cup of pecans.  I didn’t have anything else to add.

With the coconut, I split the difference and added 1.5 cups.  That was way too much coconut.  It was overpowering.  In fact, my husband and I decided that it tasted like those Neapolitan coconut candies.  It’s not terrible but just distracted from the rest of the mix.  I did add about 1/2 teaspoon of salt because there were no pretzels.  I love the little bit of salt.

We made both dairy free and they came out just fine.

It was nice to have a sweet treat but I think these were a little too sweet and I really missed having regular chex mix.