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All weekend I thought I’d share Melanie Martinez’s Pity Party since that’s how I felt last week and I love the song.  But come this morning, I was having my doubts and this song came on Pandora.  I knew that I had to let go of any negative feelings.  While my choice of Pity Party was intended to be fun and make light of all the feelings I have had over the last week or so, it was still dwelling in a place of negativity.  I have no other way to describe it.

I had a teacher back in high school who would say that she only allowed a “bad day” to last for just a few minutes because she wasn’t about to waste a whole day.  These are the good days and I wish they would always be.  I know that we have to have growing pains even at my age.

I have so much to share this week that I want to post about 10 times just today.  I will refrain because these moments don’t last as long as I wish they would and I will be back to struggling with what to share because life happens.  I hope you find today is great.