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I am embarrassed to say, I didn’t finish reading the book.  It got delayed and finally arrived late last week.  It’s been a crazy few days and I just am not finding the time to read.  However, I said I’d get the post in before the end of July.  So while I am not finished, I will say I am rather enjoying the book.

I’ve read another series by Clark R Burbidge.  The plot was so good but, overall, I didn’t love it.  I couldn’t even make it through book #2.  I’ll admit, I was leery but the plot of this book sounded so enticing.  So, I gave him another chance and I am really surprised.  This is a darker book than his Giants in the Land series.  I actually like that.

This is a middle grade book and is written as such but if you have a mild mannered middle grade child, this might be a little too dark for them.  The story starts off in the middle of some frightening action.  The first two chapters could be a little tough.  Since I haven’t finished the book, I can’t say if skipping the first two chapters makes the rest of the book lighter.

I have to say I am excited to see where this book goes.  It does deal with PTSD.  It’s not the first book I’ve read that has dealt with the subject.  It’s a tough subject and so far I haven’t read a book that dealt with it in a realistic manner.  I get that this is a fantasy and, of course, it’s not going to be realistic but the steps to recovery should be.  I’m hopeful.  So far the author has done a decent job describing the damage it does to a family.

Take some time to pick up this book.  I will post a full review once I am finished with it on Goodreads.

About the book:
Teenagers Tim and Martie Carson are the only ones that can save their family from a downward spiral fueled by their parent’s struggles with PTSD and depression. An ancient relic discovered under mysterious circumstances holds the key to unlocking answers that can only be found in the past. In a race against time they must learn its secrets while avoiding the dangerous shadowy figures, doomed to haunt history, that are drawn to possess the relic for their own wicked purposes.

From the award winning story teller, Clark R. Burbidge, comes the first book in a new young adult fantasy adventure series, StarPassage: The Relic, a non-stop spell-binder with surprises and suspense at every turn. Travel through history with the Carson family as they struggle to understand the relic’s purpose. Can they follow the clues and piece together the puzzle containing the answers they seek before being trapped forever by the evil forces that relentlessly pursue them?

More info on Clark at prbythebook.com/clark-burbidge.