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I have made a version of this for most of my life.  When I was a kid, I loved to melt marshmallows and chocolate chips in the microwave.  The molten lava had to be removed from the bowl quickly (and never use plastic) otherwise it would harden to the point I could not eat it.  I used to call it a homemade tootsie roll but it was better.

In recent years, I’ve taken to adding nuts and a touch of salt to the mixture.  Still I didn’t love that rock hard result.  It was something that had to be eaten quickly.

Then this past week or so, I’ve started new experiments.  The results have been wonderful.  This is a treat that is more concept than recipe.  I have moved away from the microwave to the oven.  This actually adds no extra time.  I still have a chocolate treat in less than 10 minutes.

I want to apologize for any fuzzy pictures.  This is a “recipe” that doesn’t like to sit for very long so pictures had to come quickly.


I want to be clear – I measure nothing.  Lately it’s been warm so my coconut oil is nearly liquid.  I just pour a little in the bottom of my non-stick cake pan.  This not only helps keep the goo from sticking but it’s vital to keep the goo from turning into that rock hard mess.  I haven’t noticed where there is any flavor from the oil in the final dish.


Dump in a layer of marshmallows.  These go under the broiler (leave the door open some).  It takes only a couple minutes for them to be ready.


Gather your goodies.  Recently my dad moved and we got all the odds and ends from his pantry.  So use what you have.  We’ve been using the goo to help use up items.  The only caution I have is to beware of mixing strong flavors (such as mint with butterscotch, unless you like that).

We have here peanut butter, cinnamon chips, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips and pecans.  My last batch went heavy on the peanut butter and light on the cinnamon giving the end result a scotcheroo flavor.  My peanut butter jar was nearly empty and I didn’t have the time to dig for a new one so this batch is lighter on the peanut butter.


Remove the toasted marshmallows from the oven but keep the heat on.


I like to mix in stages to get a more even coverage but you can dump in everything as it suits you.  This is the peanut butter, butterscotch and cinnamon chips.


How it looks mixed.


Top with chocolate chips and return to oven to melt.


At this point, I opted to take a picture in the oven and add my pecans and a splash of pink salt (to prevent them from getting too cold while taking pictures).


Stir (like the wind?) until everything is mixed together.


Because this is a “big” batch, I move it into a tupperware container while still warm.  This reduces the amount stuck to the pan when it cools.

We do store this in the fridge but that’s our preference.  I like it on the harder side.  It does soften when at room temperature.

This is really sweet which is good because I can only eat a couple of bites before I am nauseous.  It’s quick, easy and fairly inexpensive.  Stock up on marshmallows now while they are on sale or use homemade.  We like to pick up a couple bags for camping since homemade marshmallows don’t seem to hold up as well.