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I follow a few art blogs.  This week one of them had a post on making journal cards and art journalling.  I, suddenly, had this inspiration – I could make journal cards out of some of the larger paper scraps I have.

I managed to whittle down my collection of paper scraps but I still have a ton.  Some I just don’t know how I am going to use them up.

I pulled out what I thought was the last of my scraps (turns out I had 3 bags of scraps) and some index cards.


Here’s the thought – glue index cards to the paper and instant journal cards.


Truth is, I’m really not sure what one does with journal cards but there is a whole movement out there.  I thought these might be fun for a number of things – creating prompt cards for art or writing.  Recipe cards.  Notes for card inserts.  The uses are limitless.


Here is a sample of ones I made.  I went with some single card cards.  Then I attached 3 cards to a piece of scrap paper with the idea of cutting them into individual cards.  Guess what, I loved the option of having the extra writing space.  I can always cut them down when I actually use the cards.  The paper in the back was a background experiment that I really had no idea what to do with.  Makes a beautiful journal card.

See the card in the front – the space was rather large so I thought I’d get out some larger index cards.  I dug in the supply closet.  Couldn’t find the larger index cards but I found labels.  The labels were so much fun.  They were easy to attach.  I could cut them into smaller sizes or add several to make a larger surface.


The labels, then, made me think of envelopes.  I have a bag of random envelopes (and probably more stashed in my paper supplies.


These made me think of the book projects I have been picking at so be prepared for an update on those soon because I am completely inspired to work on them again.

I was getting bored towards the end there but I still had some things I wanted to use up – like the half used pages of labels.

I have what I call the God Jar – it’s a lovely little jar that sits on my desk and I use it to write notes to God.  I try to remember to give the jar my worries and my gratitude.

The problem is – I’m running out of strips of paper.


It was so much easier when I had a surplus of papers so I used the scraps and some labels to help fill up my envelope for my God jar.


I’m thinking I have enough to challenge myself to write more.

Now since I still had labels, I found a stack of scrap paper from another project.  All the cards are the same size so I turned them into fun little writing cards.  Who knows what I will write on them but what matters most is that I am back to playing and I am inspired.


Hope this inspires you.