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This is one of those posts that’s kind of a “duh!” but sometimes we need to be told we can do something before we figure out we can.  I’ve been going through my cd’s.  I love mixed “tapes” and have quite a few.  We, also, download cds.  So I have a number of cd’s that didn’t come with covers.  I had purchased cd envelopes but as I am sorting, I ran out.  I needed more but hadn’t a clue where I could go to buy more nor was I really excited to try to find some.

Then it hit me – I could make my own.  I actually like this.  While mine don’t have that nice clear opening so I can see the cd, I find that I don’t really care.  I don’t need to see the cd since I write on the outside what it is.


I started by sacrificing one of my envelopes.  This cd disappeared (as they sometimes do).  I could have added blank labels to reuse it or give a new purpose.


As a template.


To make new envelopes – trace onto your paper.


I want to cut out several at a time.  The problem is that the paper shifts.  To prevent that, I used butterfly clips to secure the paper while cutting.


I cut 5 pages here and ended up with 5 identical cut-outs.


This next step is optional – I found I like to score my fold lines.  Since I don’t own a scoring board, I use my paper cutter.  Line up where I want my score along the well where the blade moves and use my bone folder.  If you don’t have a bone folder, you can use a paperclip or something similar.  You don’t want it to tear through your paper or leave marks.

I, also, found I could score 2 pages at a time.  It’s not perfect but every little step helps.


After scoring – fold.


Add a little line of glue at the very edge of your paper.  Fold over the flaps (don’t glue the top flap).


Viola – I have a cd envelope that I can easily label.  I could list the songs if I so desire since I have the space.

I can even use fun papers.  It’s all up to me.  The best part is it takes less time to whip one of these out than it does to drive to the store to buy them.