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This project I love for all those odd and random bits of paper.  Sometimes I use them as is and sometimes I tear them into smaller pieces.


You can use any decoupage medium but this time I went with watered down glue.  While I typically use mod podge, it does have a glossy surface that can make using this paper difficult.  The watered down glue does have a few disadvantages.  I did notice that sometimes the glue didn’t disperse equally into the water (especially right after mixing) so my paper didn’t get enough glue to stick.  Also, the paper curls because there is so much water content.  Neither of these are major issues but do add a little extra work.


What is this project – well I have discovered that I like using paper scraps to make new and interesting pages.  Often I use these as backgrounds for ATCs or cards.

I like to start with making a border.  You can glue off the side (and I do sometimes) then cut off the excess.


Then fill in all the white areas until you have it all covered.  Let dry and you have a fun page to play with.


One of the great things about this technique is you can use damaged paper.  I often save paper from decorating projects for times like this.  I had two pages that had damage.


With these, I just use cardstock scraps that are wider than the damaged areas.



You can make any pattern or design.  The best part is that it’s just fun to make.  Now I have several new papers to play with.