I was telling my husband the other day that June was the longest month ever.  I can’t believe how much I got done since I came back from the ocean.  Guess what – I went to the ocean in early May.  When I think back over June, it’s just a mess.  We’ve been busy but it’s not really a busy I can explain.

The weather has been normally weird here.  I say that because June is the month when the weather can be anything.  It’s been cold and rainy one day and smothering hot the next.  July is the start of more consistent warm/hot weather.  I just hope it stays on the wetter side for a little while longer.

So what did we do – we have been foraging.  Not much in the way of mushrooms this year.  We just didn’t have access to them like we normally do.  We heard of great spots but the lack of time kept us from exploring them.

We picked arnica, wild rose and elderflowers.  We have been watching with delight as the fruit is coming out earlier this year.
This past weekend (I know it’s technically July), we went cherry and blackberry picking.  The huckleberries are looking good and we hope to go out in a couple weeks.

Right now is a hurry up and wait.  In the next few weeks, we’ll be so overwhelmed with fruit that we don’t know how we’ll get through it all.

We did attend the Walla Walla Onion Festival.  Got a great price on 50 pounds of onions which we are working on preserving at the moment.

We’ve had time to finish up some projects.  I’ve worked on my craft supplies stash – cleaning and clearing out.  This next week or so, we’ll be rearranging furniture so that will take some time.  Our hope is to give us some more room for food storage that is not in the middle of our living space.

Not a lot of recipe experiments that I haven’t already shared.  We’re in a bit of a cooking slump.  I have some online projects going on that I hope to share in the near future.  Otherwise, it’s all been about treading water.