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I decided it was time to organize my paper stash.  I have a terrible habit of saving every little scrap.  So I gathered them all up and organized those as well.


I started sorting by size.  This went on several times as I worked on this paper scrap project.  My goal was to not have any scraps left.  While that was a noble goal, I didn’t quite get there but I made a huge dent.  Pretty much what I have left is bigger scraps (with the occasional small scrap that escaped detection).

I was going to share everything I did in this post but then realized it was going to be a huge post.  So I am showing you the first project which might seem a little out of order (you’ll see why).


I had several bits from two previous ATC projects.  All of these were random pages covered in mod podge.  The pages were thick and super glossy.  I should step back for a moment and explain that what started all this was a tutorial I saw on making these starbursts out of scrap paper.  I thought I would just make as many as I could.  However, after using up all this paper, I had several cards so I went on to another project.

After gathering my scraps, I got out my card blanks.  I wanted to use these to make birthday cards.  I found in my stash a collection of index cards.  The regular size fit into my card blanks perfectly so I used those as the base of my starbursts.

I cut the scraps into triangles (most were not very large rectangles so I just cut those on the diagonal).  I didn’t measure or make sure my triangles were perfect in any way.


Once I had all my triangles, I went about gluing them onto the index cards.  I just fiddled until they fit together.  *I should note that I just used a basic school glue for this.


Then I trimmed off the edges so I had a very clean and controlled starburst.  I also had more scraps.


The pieces that were no longer usable for the starburst became part of a mosiac.  Between the two designs, I threw away just the tiniest of scraps at the very end.


To finish off the cards, I went back to my scrap stash.  I picked a bunch of plain papers.


I stamped on “Happy Birthday” using a plain black ink.  For those I could, I punched out a 1″ circle.  For those that didn’t fit, I cut into rectangles.  For some, I used decorative scissors.


To finish the cards, I used larger scraps for the backing and then assembled the card.


Now I have a new collection of birthday cards.  Typically, I don’t designate what the cards are for just in case but this time, I wanted specific cards.  I love the look and they are so much fun.