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I shared before that my friend Tricia was hosting a class over at Skillshare.  I had started some backgrounds using my craypas.

After finishing the videos over at Skillshare (which are no longer free – sorry), I selected this background:


The next task was to stamp on tissue paper.  At that point, I had no inspiration and forgot to take pictures.  I had several colors of tissue paper and used a few different stamps.  I had picked sepia for my color for stamping because I liked the versatility.

After finishing the videos, I had this inspiration to make a river.  Knowing that my image needed to have that river quality, I went with a couple of dragonflies on lavender and baby blue tissue paper for the sides of my river and footprints in gold and lavender for in the river.

I used my gel medium to attach the tissue paper and my book paper shoreline.  You should see the lumps on the paper.  My gel medium had some goopy parts on the top of the container from where I had been wiping off my tools.  So I opted to use them as texture on the project.  They are some rocks for the shore and rapids at the end of the water.


I found some fun glitter so I pressed it into the gel medium while it was still wet.


To give the river a muddy sort of shoreline, I painted the book pages and my “rocks” in a brown I had leftover from another project.


I had the image done.  I was actually going to stop there but then I thought – what if I could find a poem?  So I did a quick google search and found the perfect poem (see below).


The finished project.

This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  It’s funny, the backgrounds were so free flowing and fun but when it came to doing the project, I was stressed.  Then it came together.  I wasn’t sure how I felt but once the words were there I loved it.  I’m proud of it.  It’s not overly beautiful in the picture but there’s such a feeling when I look at it.  Like there’s more to just being.

I really have found a great love of mixed media.  To be honest, I was always a mixed media artist, I just hadn’t known.  There’s a freedom in breaking the rules.  In the end, it’s all about the play so I encourage you to play along.