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I bought these fake eggs a few years ago.  They are designed to be permanent Easter eggs.  They are dyeable and craftable.  I have a collection of Easter egg ideas that I keep thinking I will experiment with every Easter season but that turns out to be a really busy time in my house.  So I thought, I’ll do the experiments as I get to them.

This first one is silk dyeing.  The idea is to use a scrap of silk – most instructions use old silk ties.  The dye bleeds onto the egg shells when exposed to hot water.  I was wondering – could I do something like that with these plastic eggs.  It just seems like such a waste of silk to make temporary projects.

Supplies needed – silk scraps (I used scraps from old silk shirts I found at a thrift store), eggs, muslin, and twine (I used crochet yarn because it’s what I had).


Wrap the egg in the silk.


Wrap that in muslin and tie.  I tied a bow so I didn’t have to cut the twine to get it off.


For real eggs, you boil them for a long time.  Since I had plastic eggs, I brought a pot of water to a boil and set in my eggs.


Covered and let sit for 30 minutes or so.  While it’s sitting on the stove, the burner was off.


The eggs come out quite hot so I let them cool before unwrapping.


The dyeing wasn’t as vibrant as I had hoped.  The red came out the best but the egg was so deformed.  The other two didn’t come out too bad but one did have water in it so I had to drill a little hole to drain it.


Here are the finished eggs next to a non-dyed egg for comparison (the egg in the center on top is the control egg).  You can see that one other egg is slightly deformed but not too bad.  The red one has become a cat toy because it’s just ruined.  I don’t know why it was ruined but with this in mind, I’d do it again.  I’d risk losing 1/3 if that was the real statistic since I’ve risked that much using real eggs.

If you see these fake eggs, I recommend picking them up to play with.  I paid maybe $3 for a dozen which seems to be the amount one pays for a regular carton of eggs (we rarely buy eggs in the store anymore that I have no idea what they go for).

The red was so potent that it dyed the muslin which was fun.  I plan on doing something fun with that and maybe playing more with using my silk to dye other things.  You never know where that play is going to go.