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I woke one Saturday morning craving nachos.  We had had nachos for dinner but with a teenager there is no such thing as leftovers and definitely no chips left.  I remembered a package of thin corn tortillas in the cupboard.  You see, my family will not eat corn tortillas and I had bought some months ago (thank goodness they take a very long time to go bad).

Making nachos from “scratch” is so easy and rather quick.


Take your corn tortillas.  I have four here which was slightly too much for just me.


Cut into quarters.

Heat some oil on the stove.  You will need at least an inch of oil.  I used palm shortening because that’s what I have.  Coconut oil, peanut oil or lard will do just fine.  Probably could use other oils as well but you want something with a high smoke point.


Pick your sacrificial lamb – that one chip that you drop in the oil when you think it’s hot enough.  It may have to sit in the oil for longer than the rest of your chips and may come out inedible because of all the oil.


Your oil is perfect when it takes about 30 seconds to make one side of the chips golden.  I was frying 4 at a time.  The chips should not touch while frying and you will need to flip once.

The picture above has the raw chips on the left and the fried ones on the right.


Now that there’s a plate of hot chips – sprinkle on some salt.


Throw on some shredded cheese and pop in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until the cheese is as melted as you want it.


Because the chips are newly fried, they will stay crispy while you are melting the cheese.  Takes about 5 – 10 minutes to have a plate of nachos, depending on how long it takes to get your oil hot.

Easy Peasy and I could make as much or as little as I wanted.