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My mother has created the most awesome egg-free tartar sauce ever.  In fact, it’s the best sauce.  It’s chunky and I have discovered I love it on salad.

The best part – it is so easy to make.


My mother is the queen of non-recipes but because I love you so much, I figured out a recipe.  Just be aware that you can stray all you like.

Start with 3 dill pickle spears or 1 full pickle (it may be more pickle than this amount).


Chop.  It’s not a fine mince but not quite a coarse chop.  Something that is manageable when eaten on top of other foods.


Add 1 cup sour cream into a bowl and stir in the pickles.


Add 1 teaspoon dill weed.

Don’t you love my container?  As I took this picture, I realized I have an ancient container so I thought I should clarify before you judge my dill weed consumption.  This was the last bottle of dill weed I purchased.  Actually, it may have actually come from my mother – it’s been that long.  But I discovered buying it by the pound from San Francisco Herb.  Since then, we refill this bottle and tuck the rest away.  We go through a pound every year or two but with this recipe, we may just begin to go through more.


Mix together.  Let sit for several minutes, taste and then add salt as desired.  It has to sit to let the dill flavor meld with the sour cream.

Then eat – by the spoon full if you must (I do).


I went to the store and bought a couple of apples and the hardest darn peach.  I cut up 1 apple and the peach to serve over greens with my sauce.  It was so good.  I went back to the store for more sour cream and another peach.  This one was not as hard but still so good.  It’s really the perfect salad.  I just wished I loved the greens as much because I bought 2 pounds.

Egg-free Tartar Sauce

1 cup sour cream
3 dill pickle spears
1 teaspoon dill weed

Chop pickles.  Mix together ingredients.  Let sit several minutes.  Season with salt if desired.