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Over the weekend, I traveled with my mom and her partner to Wawawai – a region on the Snake river.  This is one of our favorite spots to visit during the summer.  It’s covered in blackberry bushes, which were not ripe yet, and has some great river fishing.

However, my favorite place is the park that surrounds a pond off the river.  This is just a beautiful place and I keep thinking that some day we should stay for some camping.

We’ve never had much luck fishing in the pond and with a large group of teenage kayakers we didn’t expect much.

We caught about 15 Bluegill.  They are tiny fish but they were hungry.  Many times they’d be at our hook before we locked our reels.


We came home with about 15 fish.  This cooler is about the size of a shoebox, just to give you an idea.  They are beautiful fish.  My mom said we should keep one for the imaginary aquarium we have (no aquarium but it was nearly heart breaking to kill the fish since they survived the trip home).

I wish the pictures did them justice.  They are gorgeous – mottled blue/black with red spots.





Before cutting into our fish we watched some videos on how to fillet bluegill.  I wish I could find the video but there are plenty on youtube.  I thought about sharing a tutorial but the truth is, I just never felt like I knew what I was doing (I actually filleted a few but Larry did most of them).

When all was said and done, I took the fish home and baked them for my family.  I opted to use shake and bake which did a nice job of coating the fish.  This fish was so mild that my husband said if he didn’t know better he would have sworn I made chicken.  There’s no fishy taste all.  So, so good and so worth all the time it took to fillet them.

Next time I hope we catch bigger fish or more, not sure I really care because I can’t wait to get more.


Just so you know – yes that is our entire catch, fifteen fish all on one tray.  There were no leftovers or seconds.  My fish adverse son ate his share which left me torn because I was hoping to have more but I am thrilled he liked it.