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In my May review, I mentioned I underwent Art Coaching.  As part of my session, I did some doodling.  I forgot how much I loved doodling – creating without real purpose.  I was thinking that would be a great way to give myself that daily connection with creativity.

Last Tuesday, I pulled out the drawing pad and my pencils.  I attempted some doodling then I started to draw a house.  I am not sharing that page because it’s just weird.  I barely got the roof line when I got inspired to draw floor plans.  I love drawing floor plans and designing houses in my head.  I keep thinking I am going to make 3-D models of the houses I design but in almost 30 years I have yet to (just goes to prove how long I can procrastinate).

I love the purpose behind drawing floor plans.  I love the lines and the dreams that come with each floor.

I wanted to share with you the floor plans that I worked on all last week.  By this Monday, I had forgotten all about the doodling so I need to work on that.


My floor plans are based on someone else’s redesign of this house.  I printed out all the floor plans and then didn’t bother to make a note of where I got the information since I was just playing.

I’m sharing this part because I had plans to attempt to draw the outside with my ideas for colors and what not but lost enthusiasm.


First floor.  I added a back porch with a laundry room.  This is the most complete of the floors.


Second floor.  These are really more like doodles because I forgot to finish a lot of details such as where the windows were and many of my doors were afterthoughts.


Third floor/attic.

It’s nice to draw without true purpose.  I get frustrated with the idea that I have to create something.  That my drawing has to have an end game.  I know that is not true and I miss just playing.  I’m hoping to get back into doodles and playing with color without purpose.  I love the floor plans because it’s all about dreaming and design.  One of my first housing designs was when I was a pre-teen and the house had weird walls and lofts in random places.  Later I thought about changing the design to be more conventional but why – it’s perfect just the way it is.