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I really loved the result I got with May’s ATC cards.  I know I haven’t shared my cards in a long time but these I just couldn’t keep to myself.


I printed out some fairy clip art in black and white.  My plan was to use this technique for transferring the images to my ATC card blanks.  I bought the Chartpak blending pen a few months ago and have very little success with it.  Something I discovered is that the image you use to transfer has to be fairly fresh from the printer.  These were just a few hours old and came out amazing.  However, my blender seemed to be a little dysfunctional and stopped working all together rather early in my project.

I went back to the bookstore – the only place I know I can get Chartpak markers and they did not have a single blending pen.  I searched for something that I thought would work and went with a light purple because it sort of matched my color scheme.  I had no idea how it would work but it did.  It did leave color behind as well but that worked too.

I should note that I used store bought ATC blanks in Bristol smooth.


After I transferred all my images, I colored them in with colored pencil.  Just so you know, I have a collection of random pencils.  No idea what the brand is for most of them but I can’t imagine they are expensive pencils at all.  But with a little work, they colored beautifully.


After that, I filled in the white space with watercolor.  I’m so proud of these two – I created the brown.  Again, cheap watercolors because I haven’t spent a lot of money on my supplies.  The end result of these cards made me so happy and, in the end, that’s what matters.