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For May’s tag, Tim Holtz brought out these flowers for embellishments.  Looking at them, I knew I could recreate a similar effect with items I already had.

So I got out some book pages and my decorative scissors.  I made three, each time altering the method.  I was able to make all three work for my May tag but I am going to show you the third method which seemed to work the best.


The hardest part was making sure I had a good solid base for my flower.  I traced a nickel on my paper (in pen so you could see it, I recommend using a pencil to keep the lines invisible).


Then draw a loose spiral out from the base.  These are to guide your scissors but you can trim as necessary.  You’ll see my spiral was rather lopsided and since I drew it in pen, I could only really alter it with the scissors.


Cut out with regular paper scissors, adjusting the spiral as needed.  It still doesn’t have to be perfect because you are going to cut again with the decorative scissors.  Cutting with the regular scissors first gives the base good solid lines.


Cut with decorative scissors, letting the end taper.  These flowers feel as if they are constructed backwards.  The loose end will be the center of your flower while the center has your base and external petals.

Take your regular scissors and cut into the petals (from the top) about every 1/2 inch without cutting through the paper.  This will allow you to fold your petals outward.


Since what comes next is shown in the video, I didn’t take pictures.  To make the flower, start at the outside edge and roll the paper along a skewer or paintbrush handle – any thin stick.  Add glue to the base and attach the flower.  Use more glue than you think you need unless you use hot glue.  I used basic Elmer’s school glue without a problem but it was nice to have the extra glue (you do have to hold it in place for a minute).

If your petals don’t fall the way you want them to, use an exacto knife to cut into them so they fall back.  I hope you can get the picture.  Even without cutting into the petals, I ended up with some fun flowers.  Tomorrow, I’ll show you the collection of flowers on my finished tag.