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As someone who cannot eat eggs, I miss out on some of the “normal” breakfast foods.  Okay, I miss out on most of them.  However, tofu can make a nice replacement.

I didn’t think to take pictures of the technique but I promise it’s easy.  This tofu is a replacement for a fried egg.  I had planned on using it on a sandwich but ate it plain.

I started with extra firm tofu.  Slice thin about 1/4 of an inch thick and pat dry.  You want your tofu to be as dry as possible to get a really good crisp edge.

I used ghee which worked beautifully but you can use your favorite oil or even butter.  Remember to not let your oil smoke.  You only need a tablespoon or two in your skillet.

Set tofu in hot skillet.  Season with turmeric for that yellow cast.  I opted to go with a sweet curry powder which gave a nice cinnamon/curry flavor.  I was thinking that I could tweak this and make a tofu french toast sort of dish next time.

I added the curry powder while I was cooking which colored the oil.  This allowed my entire tofu to be yellow on the outside.  I love the crispy edges.

So was it like eggs – not really but I think it would have made a decent sandwich but by the time everything was cooked I just didn’t have the desire to assemble it.  I like tofu like this but I think a sauce would have made it perfect.  All in all, I ate it with bacon and a buttered bagel which made for a nice breakfast.

Hope this inspires you to try a little tofu in place of your morning eggs or add to your dinner dish – it’s complete goodness.