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I got onto WordPress this morning to find that 4 years ago today, I registered this blog.  It would take my friend and I a week or so to get all the kinks out and the blog looking pretty close to the way that “worked”.  I wrote a few posts before I officially launched the blog on May 21st, 2012.

When I did my little blog revamp a few months ago, I was impressed at how the blog has changed.  How I have changed.  Things that were so important once are nearly forgotten now.

What a strange four years.  Some times I catch myself thinking – that’s all?  While other times it feels like just the other day I was living that life.

The things that have come and gone in those 4 years – we had partial “custody” of our niece.  She lived between our house and her grandparents’ for almost a whole year.  Nothing like having a teenager and a toddler in the house (with a very large cat).

We opened and closed a store.  What a roller coaster that was.  I miss it some but not really.  I love all the lessons I learned.  But I love my freedom more.  I love that it jump started my creativity when I was feeling stagnant.  It taught me to create on a deadline.  The sad part is I still have partially started projects from that time.

My son went away to school and came back.  I am now the parent of an adult – that’s weird too.

Things that are the same.

It’s Morel season.  We are chomping at the bit for the morel’s to poke out their wrinkly little heads.  My very first blog post here was on morel hunting – my first experience.

The blog launch happened right after our trip to Clallum Bay on the Washington coast.  While we are not going that far north, on the 11th we’re heading to Westport, Washington.  Clallum Bay is at the top of the rainforest while Westport is at the bottom.  I am so excited because we haven’t been back to the coast since that trip.  I’m already planning what I want to do while there. There will be some foraging but mostly, I am going to just enjoy life on the beach – no fishing for me.

I am still in the same ole job at WSU.  I love my job.  When I started this blog, I was a newbie.  I still feel like a newbie sometimes but there are other days when I think I’ve been here for decades.

We’re still in our tiny apartment but with a lot more food storage and a weird assortment of stuff.

I’m so excited to see where this year leads – food, adventures, creativity, and family.  I’m also working on a second blog which I have yet to launch.  It’s in mid-construction.  I keep thinking I need to get that in gear but it’s going to be hit and miss with posts so I have convinced myself that I need to wait.  Oh well, some things never change.