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So I promised to share a few of the projects that I am in the middle of.  Part of the reason for sharing now is to make sharing the process easier but mostly I need some accountability.

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my stash of paper doilies to make paper cones.  I started and stopped that project when I came up with an idea.  What if I used the heart doilies on canvas?  A few of them looked like they had gears so I decided to try two different projects – one steampunk, the other something else.


I once bought a jar of gel medium to experiment with.  I keep seeing it used so I thought I’d try with this project.  It was also perfect to pull out that rubber spatula that I bought at the dollar store.


I used the gel medium to attach the doilies.  Not sure I love it.  It took a lot of gel medium to do both of these canvases.  They are huge canvases (18 x 24) so there was that but it just seemed like a lot of work and expense.


Canvas #1.


Canvas #2.  Note the gear-like structure of the hearts.


Then I did a coat of gesso on both pieces.  #1 pictured here.

On canvas #2, I randomly painted over a stencil of gears.  I used grey, red, brown and kind of mixed them all together to make a variety of colors.  Not pictured is that later, I added some eyelets to the canvas.  My hope is that I can use them to attach items with wire.

The other project I am working on is an art journal book.


This is the cover to a book I had cut pages from for another project.  I thought about just using the remaining pages but there was this weird gap in them from where I cut out what I needed before.  So after some tinkering and playing, I just removed all the pages.  I love that the inside and outside of this book is basically white – very plain and waiting.


I cut a series of scrapbook pages to replace the book pages.  What you see is a random assortment of paper and cardstock.  Some pages I folded instead of cut so that I have a variety of options to work on.  I will say that I pretty much used pages I didn’t love.  I bought a few scrapbook paper books on clearance thinking that paper is paper.  Then they were hard to work with because I didn’t love them.

I attached the pages together using this method with washi tape.  I ended up using some electrical tape but I was going through my colors so fast that I went back to just washi tape.  The great thing about this is that the tape gives a little space between pages.


Once all the pages were together, I glued them into the book cover.  I was planning on using rubber cement but it seems to be elsewhere at this time.  So I used some regular tacky craft glue.  Since the washi tape makes the book kind of spongy, I used clips to hold them all in place while the glue dried.


The end result is an actual book.  The pages are flexible and open beautifully.  This weekend, I hope to get some time to add some gesso and paint to the pages, just to give me more options.  Then it’s digging into the stash to see what I can use up.

The best part is that most of remaining paper now fits in my page box instead of being all over the place.

So there I am – works in progress.