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Tomorrow is Earth day.  I was going to talk about it tomorrow but I have nothing to share today (too many projects in the early stages that I can’t even piece that together today).

Tomorrow is also the first day of Passover.  I know very little about Passover.  I know all the bible stuff but I’m not really sure how it’s celebrated.  I’ll learn more tomorrow when I join some friends at their seder (hope that’s correct).

So here I am reeling from last night’s showing of Plastic Paradise (if you get a chance to see this documentary, please do) and thinking on tomorrow.  It’s a very tough place to be because I can’t make the changes I want to right now.  Long term plans are fraught with distraction and frustration.

I was talking to my mom at lunch.  We want to work on picking up the trash we find in the woods.  This requires putting it all into a plastic bag.  But what really happens to that trash.  We throw it in the dumpsters but is there a chance it just ends up back in nature?

How do we reduce our trash?  How do we reduce our carbon footprint?  How do we save the earth?  If you have been watching Supergirl, one solution is to kill all the humans.  I’m not really in favor of that solution.

At this moment, I feel overwhelmed.  But I have to remind myself that the small changes do make a difference.

So here are the things I want to do this year to be more environmentally conscious.

  1. I have already been rather successful at not using paper towels at work (I have hand towels I use for hand drying).  I want to expand that to every where I go.  I want to come up with a way to carry a hand towel with me when I go out in public and may have to use paper towels.
  2. Put together a kit for the car so that I have dishes, utensils, etc for when we eat out.  This includes reusable cups for going to the coffee shops and getting fountain sodas (we own 16 oz coffee cups from one coffee shop and we’re okay at using them but now I need to find cups for sodas).  And will include cloth napkins.
  3. More cloth napkins and hand towels – I know I said that already but I want to be so much better.
  4. Research ways to buy in bulk using containers I already have.  We buy olive oil in large containers but then we recycle what we can when we are done.  What if we could reuse those containers?  I found that we can buy olive oil “on tap” at the co-op but I still have to take the time to figure out the math.  We have to determine cost vs environment.  Who knows, we may find we save more money or we can find a way to buy even larger containers of olive oil.
  5. We’ve had a boil water order for that last two days.  It made me realize that I need to find a reasonable and environmentally friendly way to have better water storage.  While we survived this without having to get into our water storage, it did get me thinking.  We can’t do large scale storage because we are in an apartment but there may be things we can do.  I’d like to invest in 5 gallon bottles but they are so pricey when compared to the single use gallons.

Okay, I think that is a start.  As I said before, we do have a plan to pick up trash in the natural places we visit.  I think that is important as well.  I can’t control what happens to the trash when we send it to the landfill but I can do a small part to try to control where it sits.  With each bag we take out, I am sure we will become more conscious of our own habits and how we can reduce the amount of trash we create.