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There are 2 crafty artsy people I follow (okay I stalk them and if they lived anywhere close to me, I’d really try to be their best friend).  One is Carolyn Dube who writes A Colorful Journey.  The other is Lindsay the Frugal Crafter.  The two of them inspire me greatly.  Sometimes I just can barely wait to get home to play with one of their ideas.  Recently, that’s been these paper pockets.   While I play with a lot of their ideas, I hate to share them unless I put a bit of a spin on them.

These are the same technique but I’ve been playing.  My first thought was how would these be with scrapbook paper.  I have a scrapbook paper problem.  I love the stuff but I never know what to do with it.  Since I also have a stash of various paper doilies that I am working on using up, I wanted to play.  I started with a couple of card sized pockets, like Lindsay’s, but I wanted to make more and had no idea what to do with them.

Then, I thought – what about making them for ATC’s?  That was an awesome idea.  While I may still use these for an upcoming ATC trade, I got to thinking of a project that I am mentally toying with.  I have a book that I cut out a bunch of pages for various projects that has a great cover – it’s a hard cover that’s pretty much all white, a blank slate.  A few wheel turns later and I realized that these would make perfect pockets for an art journal.  I’m kind of in the middle of starting and not finishing projects so I’m hoping that by sharing this one with you, I will be motivated to finish it.

I have a bunch of scrapbook paper from Michaels.  This is important because much of their inventory has a white label attached to the end of the paper.  This is in addition to the 12 inches of actual scrapbook paper making these pages 12.75 x 12.  I can get 6 pockets per page for my ATC sized pocket.


I will confess here that I have been using an ATC that I finished for my measurements but since it’s the one I am trading next week, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.  The only difference is that it is thicker than a basic cardstock ATC like the one pictured above.  I like that it gives me a little wiggle room because I have no idea what I am putting in these pockets.


I do these a little different than Lindsay but most of this came from trial and error and discovering what works best for me.  I like to have my measuring card almost to the top of my piece of paper.  This does 2 things.  For those pages with the label (see below), it allows me to fold in most of the writing.  It also forces my decorative cuts to be below the top of the ATC.



Measure and fold the sides.  I like to have the card off center so that the flap on the right is just a hair longer than the left to make sure I have a good edge for gluing.


Without creasing the paper (as best as possible), I fold in half and cut the decorative edge.  I found if I cut the bottom flaps first, I would go into gluing without remembering to cut my decorative edge.


Cut out the little rectangles at the bottom.


I put glue along the bottom flap and then along the right edge.  Because I do have some pieces that have writing at the bottom, I found it worked best for me to glue all of the bottom flaps to the inside instead of the outside.


Press the glue into place.  Sometimes I end up with a bit of a crooked edge at the bottom, all I do is trim.


Attach doily.  I glue on the more solid parts of the doily and it seems to hold well enough.


Notch the doily to attach to the back.


Side flaps glue first and then bottom.  I also trim any weird doily parts.


My finished pocket.


This pocket is one that had the writing at the bottom of the paper.  If you look at the bottom of this pocket, you can see a thin white line where that part was.


I have some small heart doilies so I tried one here.


The back side.

I am having a blast with these pockets.  I have limited myself to 3 full pages of scrapbook paper which is 18 pockets.  I did make 3 out of regular sized paper.  There was a lot more waste with using that size but it was still fun.  I’m thinking that I might be able to cut a page in half and see what size that comes out to.

I love the inspiration I am getting from these lovely ladies.  They are such an addiction for me, I hope they know that I long for their next post every day.  Some days they leave me wishing I was more like them but what I love best about them is that they inspire you to be creative no matter what you have or your skill level.  I hope to be that same sort of inspiration some day.

Okay, I am so mushy lately.  You should hear all the things I don’t write.  So, projects to work on and finish are coming.  I may share the large canvas work I am doing.  I’m not much for the type of work I am doing with those two canvases which is why they are sitting partially done because I’m unsure of myself.  This project with the book makes me excited (and maybe I will finish the one I started for my son).  I’m hoping this will finally allow me to use up some that scrapbook paper that just sits in my collection (along with a huge box of paper stuff).

I should note that April is Carolyn’s Use it or Lose it challenge.  While I am not there fully, it is getting me thinking about all the excess in my craft room.  Now just to find time to be truly motivated to do something about it.